SS22 / alice


Fearless. Brave. Stubborn. Innocent, but with a dark side that makes her unique.
Alice in Wonderland always follows her instinct, she faces new challenges with resolution.
For the first fashion show of A.C.9 – the brand founded and directed by Alfredo Cortese – in Milan, Alicecharacter becomes the most relevant source of inspiration for Spring-Summer 2022 collection. And itdevelops in three stories.
The first one is linked to Alice purity. In fact, the garments are declined in several shades of white and thefabrics have different materiality, such as vintage recycled Japanese satin for lingerie and slips, combinedwith lace.
Then comes the nude and thin knitwear, light as chiffon, that becomes tridimensional with the feature ofdrawstring games. A genuine moment of transition: Alice is living thousand experiences, but she’s only justbeginning to understand them. Within this story also comes alive the AC9 x N21 capsule collection.
Here comes the second story, which marks a breaking point in Alice’s soul: her awareness and herrebellion to the world begin. Now denim triumphs along with coated cotton, which becomes a mirrorfabric. Clothes feature viscose and cellulose inlays, skirts have macro ruche, while the pants with amasculine design are made with two waists of different heights, as if they were overlapping each other.
Last but not least, the third story: the maturity means black coming in, one of the most difficult colors towear, because it highlights every detail. Alice grows up but she doesn’t want to leave the child soul thatlives inside her. Dresses are geometric one-shoulder pieces, knitwear has shoulder pads made withpointed studs, the leather jacket is rich in zips and, as others outerwear, is oversize, just as if it wrapped asmaller Alice.
To complete the looks A.C.9 SS22 proposes baseball hats with punk-soul feathers mohawks in totalcontrast to the earrings’ femininity, which are embellished with crystal pendants and a maxi bow. Thefootwear range includes ox eye sandals and wedges, leather or eco-fur slippers and boots with anexaggerated and underground platform.