SS21 / far conversation


An overseas conversation between two distant lands. Inspired by the East and materialised in the North West. A new freedom of expression.
Perfectly circular cuts featured on the back of the dresses, sweaters and shirts. Distance-reminiscent long ties that do not interfere with the dress’ movement and become both breaking and linking elements. Disproportionate fans embellish the sheath dresses, oversized coats and pencil skirts. The typical Eastern-style collars have been lowered in unusual ways. Kimono sleeves find pride of place on flowing evening dresses.
The floral still life-inspired embroidery softens the garments’ affectedness and enhances its emotional appeal. This disproportionate element is planted on the dresses and skirts.
Four materials: the poplin found on the boyfriend shirts; the material contrast-creating silk radzimir; the lightweight, fluid cady; and a viscose yarn that reaffirms the freedom of expression concept.
The colour palette is on point. The two predominant colours – all-black and optical white – are equally distributed to reinforce the idea of cleanliness, and followed by lilac, acid green and a natural wood colour.
The sandal model – proposed in a flat or heeled version – boasts a disproportionate and architectural 3D-printed toe box.
Contemporary jewellery at its best: the “design fragment”-embellished treated plexiglass necklace. Curves, straight lines and horizontal sections break up the perfect shape. The previously-separated elements are reassembled ad hoc. A quintessential dynamic union.


Photo&Video: Lucrezia Ganazzoli / Model: Viktoria Lulko - Ania Biel - Melissa McConnachie / Hair: Maurizio Caruso Morreale / Make-up: Rocco Santamorena