SS20 / disarming semplicity



Simply charming.
Captivating dresses of a disarming simplicity, provocatively sophisticated with unique details.
It’s a ravishing fluidity embracing ease and versatile dresses. It’s freedom of expression. Purist charisma and unwitting sensuality. Irreverent femininity source of a sensitive modernity. Equal: AC9 ladies’ codes.


It’s twelve dresses come alive from the wardrobe’s safe basics. The tank, the polo, the t-shirt.
Inflated by unexpected volumes and tainted by architectural exaggerations. They are enriched by sudden asymmetries in a tale of opulent simplicity, flamboyant purism. The shape itself becomes a language that brings back the dress to its structural origin – the stage. Through the work of contamination, a certain and simple vision is united with some majestic elements and unexpected decorations – the back of a dress shows sudden fabric arcades, romantic tales are being rendered futuristic through sharp cuts, the sporty- like opening of a tank is followed by a purist train. A simple knot supports the structure of a dress. Fluid arches of fabric become simple decorative elements. It is the harmony of apparently discordant elements following the purity of shapes.


Three leading colors, one material. Three iconic colors capable of opening up a new world. Sun-dried sand. Indigo blue of a desert tribe. Black ink, deep and resolute. Before even becoming pure aesthetic choice, they are a statement of thoughts deriving from a universe of shades.
One fabric only. A mix of cupro and nylon with a rich touch and a fluid texture. Something new expressed in simple shapes originating from textured fabric.
This very fabric becomes the vessel. Immediacy and rapidity. Pocketable dresses. The shape itself is enclosed within the right pocket and it delivers a contemporary couture charm. Yet again, versatility and velocity.


PHOTO&VIDEO: Fabio Munis – Christian Martinelli / STYLING: Elisabetta Massari / MODEL: Inga Savits / GROOMING: Luciano Chiarello