FW22 / marzo 2010


What do you run from?

I run from the poison of homologation. I want to go back to the world, escape solitude, and start walking. Face new experiences, chase the horizon and find myself. Rediscover beauty, traveling in the wind. The world, for me, is home. I arrived in Milan one evening in March. I barely knew anything about the city, nor I could imagine how different it would be from the city I was coming from. I arrived in Milan one evening in March and the first thing I got to know was the fog. I can still feel it on me, it filled the boulevard I walked on to get to my new room, and the light of the streetlamps, making it feeble, giving it almost a palpable quality. Of that March 2010 I retained a confused collection of sensations and moods: homesickness, disorientation, shyness, excitement, the desire to explore, recklessness and euphoria. The collection MARZO 2010 is the translation of that confused ensemble of emotions that have settled inside me as a happy memory, mixed with an aesthetic that goes always back to my mind, for a strong woman, a well-defined one. Like Kirsten Owen, inspiring icon, who has made the opposite choice, to live far away from the big city. The palette stays neutral, following the fil rouge of the previous collections. Combined with the black, protagonist, and the camel, we find accents of primary yellow and mint green. The silver of the sequins meets the denim of skirts and five pocket trousers, both characterized by a double waist – a common trait of my “unders”, also found on tailored skirts and trousers. The lingerie is encased in vintage tulle cages. Chiffon mixes with masculine textiles, gabardine and fresco wool. Flannelette is destined for feminine shapes, dresses and miniskirts. Coats are oversized, perfect to travel, but lined with impalpable tulle. Lengths know no middle ground. T-shirts and sweatshirts become dresses combined with satin and lace. Baseball caps make a comeback, an already distinctive sign of a fashion idea. Glasses and sunglasses make an appearance, in collaboration with Spektre Eyewear. Contrasts are vibrant, explicit, like a series of emotions chasing and following one another. The feathers, the decorated septum, the fur coats to wear off the shoulders, are the eccentric touches of a functional elegance. The research focuses towards contemporary and technological craftsmanship, the tulle is recycled and everything else – cotton gabardine, ribbed wool, cotton viscose, is all of Italian provenance.