FW21 / censored


The stage is set for a transformation.

A metamorphosis that inspires a moment of wishful thinking, of freedom imagined.

The freedom to be ourselves and a time in which the rules and dogma of a society that is, by now, far too sensitive will not censure us.

In opulent fabrics, sizeable dresses that belong on the stage find the space to draw the attention of absent-minded spectators. Seemingly intact dresses, coats, shirts and skirts are hit by a laser, creating fringed edges. Ultra-feminine dresses boast carefully worked chiffon collars, cuffs and necklines with sumptuous three-dimensional detailing. Feathers cling to strands of pearls, hanging like light fragments and embellishing see-through shirt collars and the shoulder straps of mini slip dresses, or entrapped by geometric shapes on pencil skirts. The belt, a common accessory, is now a decorative staple. It comes apart and threads through coats, dresses and trousers.

The freedom theme, inspired by the stop sign that is censorship, is expressed with a micro mohair band that covers just a small part of the breast.

A wide range of materials that differ in weight.

From lighter materials, like chiffon, crêpe de Chine and nylon to more structured ones, including furnishing fabric, jacquard, technical velvet and double cloth for coats and jackets.

Knit mohair wool covers pencil dresses, oversized sweaters, hot pants and cropped jackets.

A youthful shade of pale pink takes centre stage. Red, milk white, camel, matt yellow and black follow soon after.

Bolder and tougher than the clothing on offer, 2 kinds of footwear typify the collection. A very high boot and a geometric-style pump.














PHOTO: Piotr Niepsuj / VIDEO: Sergei Antonov Model: Zso Varju - Ralf Javoiss / Hair&Make-up: Daniela Maginetti / Set up&Lighiting: nmelab