FW20 / solvents


In its second collection AC9 reaffirms the logic of its style in an even more precise and coherent way.
How? Delivering 18 very meticulous dresses originated from the wardrobe’s basic elements – a t-shirt, a tank, a sweat, they are all reinterpreted with a contemporary twist.
Subtracting becomes a fundamental trait of the brand, thus evolving in the brand’s distinctive sign. Opulent simplicity.
Long sleeves fluid tunic dresses struck for an unexpected and asymmetrical open back, extra long scarves become integral parts of very neat dresses and the most typical casual garment – the sweat, is transformed into a ravishing mini dress of perfect proportion. Nylon based cropped elements hold fluid silk tubes.
Subtracting involves fabrics too. Two only. Proposed alone or united halfway yet never melting, like a water-based solvent and an oily one. These splits strengthen the brand’s inner message so that the idea of asymmetry and unexpected volumes become more visible and easily evident when they meet vertically and horizontally around tops, skirts and details.
Four colors. Not an obvious aesthetic choice – its coherent message lies within. The carry over black and the bright peony are followed by neutral shades – dust and plaster.
Never crossing over, their sequence tell us of a gauged tale. Colour blocks of pure simplicity perfectly consistent with the brand’s DNA.


PHOTO&VIDEO : Henrik Blonqvist / MODEL: Lia Pavlova / GROOMING: Mary Cesardi